Real Life Love


Amidst the Casale Jeweler’s Couple of the Year Contest, I’ve been thinking a lot about love. Before you judge me, hear me out …

At one point or another, we’ve all experienced love in our lives. With love comes comfort, happiness and at times, challenges. Package it up and you have yourself a love story; and no, I am not talking about the kind that we see in the movies. These stories are real, they’re imperfect and they’re in our very own backyard.

You may think that, as a man in the jewelry industry, it’s the rare gemstones and precious metals that motivate me, but it’s not true. What motivates me, and my staff, are our customers and their unique love stories. There’s nothing better than walking out of the store at the end of the day knowing that you helped two people express their love for one another. To me, that’s what it’s all about.

Our dedication to our customers and their journey is what makes getting engaged with Casale Jeweler’s so different. When you walk through our door, it’s not our goal to sell you the most expensive piece of jewelry on our shelves. It has to be right. Whether it takes one visit, or twenty, we’re here to help you find a ring that portrays your real life love story and allows it to live on.

For a sample of some of the stories that we are lucky enough to hear everyday, be sure to check out the Casale Jeweler’s Couple of the Year Contest. If you find a story that resonates with you, cast your vote! The winning couple will win the Ultimate VIP Date Night, on us, because along with many other things, love should be fun.


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