What are Red Box Diamonds?

Trust. Confidence. Security.

Diamonds are gifts of love and represent the special moments in your life. Whether you are purchasing a diamond for yourself or a gift for someone special, you deserve Red Box Diamonds, the diamonds that are backed by trust, confidence, and security.

Red Box Diamonds are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and qualities. We can guide and assist you in selecting the right diamond that perfectly symbolizes your diamond moment.

Trust – Grading Report

Trust is paramount to any lasting relationship. Red Box Diamonds come with their own grading report that is guaranteed to be accurate or with a report from an independent gemological laboratory, such as GIA, AGS or HRD.

Additionally, you can trust that your Red Box Diamond meets the highest ethical standards. All Red Box Diamonds comply with the Kimberley Process, which is a system of warranties that ensure your diamond is conflict-free.

Confidence – Trade-Up Program

You can be confident that your Red Box Diamond® will maintain its value over time, because of our phenomenal Trade-Up Program. When you are ready, you can trade in your Red Box Diamond toward a Red Box Diamond of greater value.

Security – 1 Year Free Insurance & Unique Identifier

Your Red Box Diamond comes with free loss protection for one full year, making sure your diamond is properly protected. This provides you with worldwide coverage against theft, loss, or mysterious disappearance. Free coverage of the Red Box Diamond begins on the day your form is faxed or postmarked. There is no deductible. In the event of a loss, simply return to your Red Box Diamond retailer and they will assist you in getting your Red Box Diamond replaced.

In addition to free loss protection, you can have peace of mind in knowing that the diamond you purchased is unique. Each Red Box Diamond comes with the added security of a unique identifier. Etched on the girdle of the diamond is a laser-engraved number that matches your grading report. This number allows for proof positive identification.


    • admin said:

      Red box diamonds are diamonds that come with an Independent Certification, 1 year of insurance free that covers lost, theft or damage and has a trade-up program so you can exchange your diamond whenever you like for a larger stone. It comes in a nice red box and is a sense of security, trust and confidence that you are getting the diamond you paid for. Thanks for your comment and feel free to call us or come by if you have any questions.


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      Owner of Casale Jewelers

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      September 1, 2010

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