What is so special about Forevermark?


Forevermark is the diamond brand from The De Beers Group of Companies. Each Forevermark diamond is inscribed with a promise: that it is beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced. Only one per cent of the world’s diamonds are eligible to be inscribed with the Forevermark icon.

What is the Forevermark icon?

The Inscription. Invisible to the naked eye, the Forevermark inscription includes the Forevermark icon and a unique number. The inscription is 1/20th of a micron deep – 1/5,000th the depth of a human hair – and is placed on the table facet of the diamond, using confidential, proprietary technology.


Once a diamond’s provenance and quality have been confirmed, it is inscribed with a unique number that represents our promise: that the diamond is beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced. Only then does it become a Forevermark diamond.

The inscription number is on the Forevermark identification card that accompanies each diamond and allows each Forevermark diamond to be registered in your name, as it is yours.

collection_edit_landscape_2_0What makes Forevermark so special to me? 

Forevermark diamonds are hand-selected for their beauty and rarity, and each is genuine, untreated and natural. As part of the De Beers Group of Companies, Forevermark benefits from over 125 years of diamond expertise. Experts at the Forevermark Diamond Institute carefully inspect every diamond, going beyond the technical qualities of the 4Cs to hand-pick only those diamonds that are truly beautiful.

Of all the world’s diamonds, less than one percent is eligible to become Forevermark.

Image result for cory schifter diamond mine Come see Cory and talk about his journey at the Victor Diamond Mine in Canada.

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